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Riding Bicycles are the best wayout for preserving our health and for maintaining polution free environment.

Bicycles are the best means of transport to reach easily to locations with narrow roads by avoiding traffic jams.

It is the reason that we feel proud of supplying and exporting gents' bicycles, ladies' bicycles, kids' bicycles and whole range of good quality bicycle replacement spare parts and accessories from India because by doing this we are either directly or indirectly contributing in keeping the human beings fit and healthy as well as in keeping the environment polution free, neat and clean. It is definitely a unique act.

Let us join hands together for this good cause by riding on "STRIDER" Bicycles and by using "STRIDER" Brand Bicycle Spare Parts and Accessories to keep your bicycles running always trouble free.

Our Product Range:-

The variety of items are manufactured in Strider Group of Industries. Therefore, The Company, Shri Shyam Entrepreneurs have wide range of products which includes Complete Bicycles, Bicycle Parts/Accessories,Clutch Plates for 2/3 Wheelers, Cars, Tractors, LCVs & HCVs, 2 & 3 Wheeler Spare Parts/Accessories, Hand Tools, Scaffoldings and Tyres/Tubes for Bicycles, Scooter/Motor Bikes and Auto Rickshaws.

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